Last year I was scrolling through Instagram one morning and came across a range of Italian stoves imported by Chef’s Pride. Although I’ve never heard of this company before, I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly beautiful their range of freestanding stoves were. They were so beautiful that the thought of them kept me up that night, to be honest.

I decided to contact Chef’s Pride suggesting a collaborative campaign where I would receive my very own Bertazzoni La Germania Americana 90cm gas/electric freestanding stove to try out, cook with and review in exchange for creating original content for them over a period of time. As with all of my collaborations/endorsements/reviews, I only publish reviews if the end verdict is positive (negative reviews never get published, I rather send a list of constructive criticism to the client). Well friends, I’ve been cooking on my Bertazzoni since December and this stove is rocking my world.

Firstly, let’s get the specs on the table:

  • Model: Bertazzoni La Germania Americana, burgundy, dual fuel (gas/electric), 90 cm
  • 5 gas burners (one 0.48-5.00 kW dual ring lateral wok)
  • 11 multi-function settings (on electric oven models)
  • dual oven fan for even heat distribution
  • oven dimensions 400 x 760 x 470 mm / 142 liter
  • thermometer on facia displays oven temperature
  • single hand electronic automatic ignition
  • safety termocouple/valves (flame failure device) on each burner
  • seamless single piece stainless steel squared worktop
  • cast iron pan supports
  • large soft/cool touch control knobs
  • triple glass drop down oven door with soft close hinges
  • utility drawer and oven cooling fan system
  • Retail price: R22 685
  • Available online from and 

This is a large, sturdy, solid stove. It doesn’t rattle and it doesn’t wobble. The legs can adjust in height, so I’m happy to have it at its maximum height which is around 90 cm. The door handle is very solid and the door closes softly. The oven is wide enough on the inside to accommodate my largest baking trays, sometimes even two standard trays next to each other. Because of the even heat distribution, I can bake four trays of cookies, two trays next to each other on two different shelves, without seeing much of a difference in cooking colour on the four trays. I have also slow roasted 23 kg of pork shoulders at once in this oven overnight in four different roasting trays – it was a tight fit but it worked! Incredible.

The oven preheats to any temperature in about 10 minutes, according to the built in thermometer. This is a great way of checking actual temperatures, and I’ve found that I can slightly turn down the oven temperature on fan mode because it heats to roughly 20 degrees C more than the regular element. Which is exactly what it should be doing.

There is a large storage compartment at the bottom, which is perfect for storing unused trays and racks out of sight.

The gas top works seamlessly with single handed electronic ignition and I have not noticed any throttling on the gas outlets – just smooth blue flames. The smallest gas plate is very small and I love this, because I regularly cook with small saucepans and many other gas tops don’t cater for really small pots (the flames usually leak around the sides and causes the sauce to burn there). The large centre dual-ring plate evenly heats my biggest pots easily (I sometimes need to cook with a 20 liter pot) and is powerful enough to keep a very large pot boiling.

Cleaning is made easy with very few seams on the inside (almost none) and no seams on the top stainless steel panel. The door can be removed for intensive cleaning, as well as the inside glass panel (I won’t be doing that very soon, though).

This stove is pure pleasure to cook with and I highly recommend it for serious home cooks, but also for anyone seeking classic Italian styling and flair in their kitchen. Find this burgundy Bertazzoni La Germania Americana also in cream, black and stainless steel online via or

The beautiful Bertazzoni La Germania logo shield on the front of the oven.


The centre dual ring gas plate (one of 5 in total, including 1 small, 2 medium, 1 large and 1 wok).


Solid gas plate knobs, cool and soft to the touch, with electric single hand ignition.


The iconic thermometer on the Bertazzoni La Germania Americana.


The massive 142 liter capacity oven with two oven racks and 4 oven rack slide-in settings.


Twin fan for quick and even heat distribution.


The oven function knob and sturdy stainless steel oven door handle which closes softly.


Contact Chef’s Pride for more information about this oven and others in the range:

Physical address: 10 Bell Crescent, Hennopspark, Pretoria


Tel: 012-653 3132

Email: [email protected]

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  1. I cannot tell you how I’m lusting after this stove! It’s got such style-appeal!

    1. Isn’t it just stunning? I’m totally in love with mine! It even matches my lipstick. 😉

      1. We have had a terrible five year run with a Kelvinator of the same specs, which has died now and no one seems to be able to repair it. We are now giving up on that and are looking at one of these La Germania (LA GERMANIA 900 mm Parma 5 Burner Gas Electric Stove Stainless steel). Is this the same one you reviewed? We are in South Africa so possibly the models differ. I have read many bad reviews and after our above experience with the Kelvinator am struggling to commit to another gas / electric big stove. It is over a year now since your review. How is the oven going?

        1. Hi Michael, my oven is an absolute joy! No glitches, sturdy as ever, no “hot spots”, everything still in perfect shape, easy to clean. I can highly recommend it. My model is the Bertazzoni La Germania Americana, so I have not tested the Parma.It’s also a 90cm 5 burner gas/electric. Do contact Glenda at Chef’s Pride in Jhb, she’ll be able to help you with any questions.

    2. hi
      i live in Egypt we have different models of la Germania
      I wonder ..if you tried this oven using gas or electric

      1. This particular oven has a gas hob (5 burners) and electric oven. Let me know if you have more questions!

  2. […] There’s no pizza oven at my place, so I’ve learnt how to use my regular oven (a Bertazzoni La Germania Americana) with a few tips and tricks to reach incredible temperatures, straight onto a pizza stone (using a […]

  3. I cannot tell you how I’m lusting after this stove! It’s got such style-appeal!

    1. I’t a fantastic stove all-around, not just a (really) pretty face! I can highly recommend it. 🙂

  4. I’ve been eyeing this! If you’re cooking and using the oven at the same time, does the oven emit a lot of heat from the front and would that be uncomfortable?

    1. Hi Jenny, no, the oven doesn’t emit extreme heat from the front while in use. The oven door (glass panel) is never too hot to touch, even at very high temperatures. Obviously, any oven will generate some heat to the outside, but the uncomfortability factor will all depend on the general outside temperature, size of the cooking space (kitchen) and ventilation. I’m very happy with my stove!

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