You can win this incredible hamper from Fairtrade SA.

In celebration of the #WorldFairtradeChallenge that took place this weekend I am giving away this fabulous Fairtrade goodie hamper to one lucky winner!

To enter this give-away, name one official South African Fairtrade product, along with the hashtag #fairtradeSA.

Leave your answer in the comments section below. (Winner via random draw to be announced on Tuesday 23 May 2017.)

One of the Fairtrade wines that we enjoyed over the weekend – a Merlot from Place in the Sun.

Over the past weekend, participants from all around the world celebrated Fairtrade labelled brands as we honour the commitment they have made to a fairer trading economy and the development of many hard-working farmers and workers in South Africa and the rest of the globe.

Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade. It is based on a partnership between producers and consumers. Fairtrade offers farmers and workers improved terms of trade, which allows them to improve their lives on their terms. For consumers, Fairtrade is a powerful way to reduce poverty through every day shopping.

The Fairtrade system is one of the largest and most diverse global movements with thousands of relationships in more than 90 countries. Fairtrade takes a holistic approach to sustainability focusing on improving economic, social and environmental conditions for the long-term.

Have a look at the website and show your support by buying #faitradeSA!


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  1. Place in the sun #fairtradeSA

  2. Merlot from Place in the Sun (made by Zonnebloem Wines). Love the concept of Fairtrade and try to support where I can! #fairtradeSA

  3. dina dos santos

    #fairtradeSA PLACE IN THE SUN Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay

  4. Famous Brands Coffee Company (Pty) LtdSouth AfricaCoffeeArabica

  5. Place In The Sun Wines #fairtradeSA

  6. Wine from Place in the sun #fairtradeSA

  7. Christina Loots

    Wine #fairtradeSA

  8. Merlot from Place in the Sun. #fairtradeSA

  9. #fairtradeSA ENALENI Wine Produced by Stellenbosch Vineyards

    Produced by Leopard Frog #fairtradeSA

  11. NAWA COFFEE #fairtradeSA

    Produced by CIRO Beverage Solutions

  13. #fairtradeSA – my favourite COFFEE

    1. Coffee by – Famous Brands Coffee Company (Pty) Ltd

  14. Bosman Adama #fairtradeSA

  15. Cocoa #fairtradeSA

  16. Bosman Adama #fairtradeSA

  17. Place In The Sun Wines

  18. Place in the Sun wine #fairtradeSA

    1. Dear Karen, CONGRATULATIONS – you are the winner of this hamper via random draw! I’ll send your details to the nice people at Fairtrade SA who will arrange for your prize to be delivered. Enjoy!!

  19. Cadbury Dairy Milk #fairtradeSA

  20. Woolworths Organic Coffee #fairtradeSA

  21. WINE 😀

    1. Place In The Sun Wines #fairtradeSA
      #FingersCrossed #WIN

  22. Place In The Sun Wines #fairtradeSA
    #FingersCrossed #WIN

  23. Bosman Family Vineyards

  24. Heather Tredgold

    Mugg & Bean Coffee #fairtradeSA

  25. Goats do Roam

  26. Frisky zebras #FairtradeSA

  27. Goats do roam by Fairview wine estate. # fairtradeSA #

    1. Place in the sun wines. #fairtradeSA

  28. PALESA HUSK SPIRIT #fairtradeSA

  29. Bean There Coffee

  30. Bosman family vineyards wine

    1. Bosman family vineyards wine #fairtradeSA

  31. Rumbarani Naidoo

    One official South African Fairtrade product is Fairtrade Coffee. #fairtradeSA.

  32. nasika baijnath

    Place In The Sun Wines

  33. Place in the Sun Merlot
    #WorldFairtradeChallenge #fairtradeSA

  34. Mugg & Bean Bottomless Peru Coffee #fairtradeSA

  35. Nicolette Nunes

    place in the sun wine #fairtradeSA

  36. Marelize Grobbelaar

    Thembi Chenin Blanc #fairtradeSA

  37. #fairtradeSA Place in the Sun Merlot 2016

  38. Bosmans Adama White or Red, both are great #fairtradeSA.


  40. HONEY


  41. Thank you to everyone who has entered this competition. Entries are now closed and the winner will be announced tomorrow. Good luck!

  42. Candice Vincent

    Place in the sun #fairtradesa

  43. Place in the Sun wines

  44. Eileen Pretorius

    Sonneblom wines
    Place in the sun

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