The Beauty of Mushrooms vs The Perfect Shwarma

One of my favourite things to do on a Saturday morning is to hang out with friends at the Stellenbosch Fresh Goods Market at Oude Libertas. Me and my husband are true fans of the lamb shwarmas at the entrance to the food hall, and we never leave without each devouring one of those succulent, garlicky, meaty pitas. My plan was to go to the market this morning, photograph the shwarmas, and write a new blog about it. To my horror, the shwarma guys weren’t there today!

Being a total control freak, I struggled to go to a plan B. I was so ready for my favourite  shwarma, and now I couldn’t have one! We started wandering around the stalls to check out what else was on offer. We bought great-looking fresh springrolls, but it was quite disappointing. We strolled over to the trusted biltong guys, and bought some of the reddest beef shreds for later. Then I remembered that there was an oyster stand, and headed right for it. I bought 6 fat oysters for R70, added the right amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice, black pepper and Tabasco, and gobbled them down with extreme satisfaction. Perfect oysters. I also bought some fresh buffalo style mozzarella from La Masseria, as well as thick Italian sausages.

I then found an exotic mushrooms stall: Shelagh’s Shrooms. Wow, these mushrooms looked too beautiful to eat. I couldn’t believe that fungi could look this amazing! I was so fixated on the magical brown & cream coloured earthy shapes: portabello’s, enoki’s, brown mushrooms, and oyster mushrooms. I took a few pictures and thanked the woman behind the counter for letting me. It was the find of the day. (Click on any of the images for a bigger picture.)

But alas, my craving has returned and there’s only one way to settle it: I’ll have to go back next Saturday to find the shwarma guys.

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