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Spicy tomato sauce for pizza, pasta and meat

3 Mar

Meatballs with my versatile spicy tomato sauce

Yes my darlings, it is true: I’ve created a fantastic spicy tomato sauce so versatile, you can practically use it on anything. I started making it as a tomato sauce for my pizza bases, and then realised that it also tasted great on pasta. It also works very well with meat and chicken. Lo and behold, it can even be turned into a soup! […]

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Time for tiramisu

2 Mar

I’m a shamelessly decadent dessert person. I sometimes substitute whole main meals for great desserts. I especially love any kind of mousse, and that’s why tiramisu always gets my vote. It has all the right kinds of decadence for a grown-up dessert: a good amount of alcohol, richness, it is smooth but still light in texture, and contains just the right amount of sweetness. […]

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I was a gnocchi virgin

26 Jan

I’ve always considered myself an obsessive home cook. So why is it that I’ve never tried my hand at making gnocchi before? I’ve eaten it at many restaurants, although it might not be my favourite dish. But my oh my, if you can find great gnocchi, it can be the ultimate indulgence. […]

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