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If you experience rectal bleeding after using the suppositories, contact your doctor. Tartrazine: This medication contains tartrazine a colouring agent and should not be taken by people who are allergic to tartrazine. Pregnancy: This medication should not be used during pregnancy unless the benefits outweigh the risks. People with these conditions may experience pain and irritation when using the suppository form of this medication.

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Ideally, to unequivocally prove the mechanism of action of this toothpaste, it would be desirable to demonstrate that the toothpaste reduces dentin permeability more effectively than a control toothpaste with a similar formulation except without the calcium and phosphate. 4 It was found that both the control and potassium nitrate-containing toothpastes left residues of insoluble ingredients from the dentifrices on the dentin and safety information.

6 These results, taken together, provide strong presumptive evidence that the effectiveness of the toothpaste in controlling hypersensitivity is from its ability to occlude dentinal tubules. However, the standard in vitro dentin permeability test, using coronal dentin in Pashley Cells, was unable to distinguish differences in permeability reduction due to the complete fluoride toothpaste formulation from the calcium- and phosphate-free control or a commercial desensitizing toothpaste, designed to depolarize the nerves using potassium ions.

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